Dianne Longley

I work with a range of traditional and digital processes including printmaking, encaustic and oil painting, pokerwork on wooden panels, artist books, on-glaze porcelain, and small scale bronze casting. In 2014 I moved from Adelaide South Australia to Trentham in the Central Highlands in Victoria. In 1998 I published ‘Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates’ and I run workshops in printmaking and artist books at Agave Print Studio. I also teach workshops with Ellie Young at Gold Street Studios at Trentham East.

agaveprintstudioAGAVE PRINT STUDIO, an access studio in a 1970s A-frame, is situated in picturesque Trentham., Victoria. The studio is a wonderful open space with large windows and professional printmaking facilities for intaglio and relief printmaking and letterpress printing.
• workshops for printmakers
• studio access
• custom printing
• one to one workshops
• residencies
• accommodation
• craft classes
• Enjay presses
Full workshop schedule is available on www.agaveprintstudio.com.au

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Please enjoy some random images showing a range of my works (some are details)